At Carriage House Nursing and Rehab, our patients and residents enjoy a point of service dining experience, allowing them the luxury of choosing their dishes from a delicious buffet. Our dedicated chef works together with our in-house dietitian to prepare well-balanced menu selections that cater to the taste of each patient.


Our Rehab Guests Enjoy:
  • All Day Dining… meal orders can be placed anytime between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM to allow Guests to manage their rehab schedule and appointments without “missing” any meals.
  • Comprehensive Menu With Daily “Chef Features” and 15-18 Available Entrees offering many choices to select from.
  • Meal Selections Provided By Our Guest Service Representative (GSR) who is specially trained to manage our Guests’ culinary and menu selections, taking the meal orders and submitting “on-demand”.
  • All Meals / Menu Selections Prepared “A La Minute” or To Order… allowing for total use of fresh ingredients, and our Guests know that whenever they choose to dine – their meal options will always be freshly prepared by our trained Chef.
  • In-Room Dining… our GSR will take the order, deliver and stage the meal, check on the Guest and remove the meal when finished. These meals will be served upon “hotel-style” room service trays with all extras included.
  • Dining Lounge Showcasing our Chef preparing menu selections to order… crisply set tables and meals served by course allow for a very relaxed atmosphere; the dining lounge is also open from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm for Guest enjoyment.
  • The Extras include daily infused water station for hydration, all-day coffee beverage station with “treats” and healthy snacks available, and an evening Wellness Snack” specially prepared and served for that extra boost each night.
Main Dining Room Enhancements:
  • Set tables with full menus available including our daily “Chef Feature” and multiple “Always Available” options
  • Meals will be plated and completed to order allowing for freshness and selection.
  • In-room Residents will receive room-trays as designated by Nursing also made to order.
  • Meal periods to expand into 2 hour segments to allow Residents the choice of when to dine and allow for ease of hospitality and meal enjoyment.
  • Removal of “institutional” components such as portion control condiments etc.
  • Enhanced puree foods menus and plated appearance
  • Food First approach to menus for managing nutritional needs enables us to “enhance” any menu selection with additional calories and proteins to reduce usage of canned supplement products.
  • Evening Wellness Snack produced and delivered to the units for nursing to pass.
  • Hydration program with infused water